Adopting a rescue dog is a great thing to do, but it’s worth bearing in mind the type of background your dog has come from so you can protect them whilst they settle in.

One of the most common initial issues I come across with rescue dogs of all descriptions is bolting due to anxiety. So here are some top safety tips!

  • Use an extra-tall stairgate in the hallway to provide an ‘airlock’ when you open the front door.
  • When walking your dog or leaving the house, use a double-ended lead with one end clipped to a collar and the other end to a harness. This gives you back up in case they manage to back out of their harness or collar.
  • ALWAYS ensure they have an ID tag on with your full details to enable a quick return.
  • Ensure fencing is a minimum of six foot high, regardless of the size of dog, with a locked/bolted gate. When your dog first arrives, don’t let them out in the garden unsupervised, or preferably attach them to a recall line and go outside with them.
  • Don’t leave house windows wide open – determined dogs will push these open to escape!
  • Check the garden daily for holes being dug under fencing.

These tips may not 100% prevent escape, but they are a good start! Rescue dogs who have come off the streets, or who have been used to roaming are far more likely to have never lived in a house and are not used to being confined. They may also never have heard sounds that we consider commonplace – car alarms, doorbells etc and these can cause alarm and distress. All dogs need time to settle in a new home environment after all.