Door densensitisation training plan

Stage 1: door closed with you on inside. Knock on door, ignore barking, reward when quiet and calm (has to be dogs choice so dont speak!) repeat, repeat, repeat over a number of days.

Step two: door partially ajar (put dog on lead incase of escape), knock on door or ring door bell whilst door is ajar. Then same as above – reward when quiet.

Stage three is same as above with door closed.

Then continue building to you going outside, walking away a few strides, coming back and repeating. If possible wait to enter until dog is quiet before going in to reward.

Lastly get friends and neighbours involved to repeat all the above stages! You may want earplugs whilst doing the training! Aim to do lots of short sessions as often as you can fit in for a few weeks. Lots of repetition needed!!

Dogs that bark at door are over threshold, see below:

I also offer 121 training to cover the above issue.

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