The fireworks season is upon us once more, and as we all know, lots of dogs are scared of the bangs and flashes. Here are some top tips on how to survive fireworks time!


  • Walk your dogs during daylight hours where possible
  • Close curtains and windows to muffle the noise of bangs
  • Create a safe space by covering a crate or putting a blanket over a table
  • Leave TV or radio on to block out the bangs
  • Acclimatise your dog to bangs using noise CDs – it’s too late for this year, but it pays to prep early for next year!
  • Try not to change your behaviour
  • Ensure your dog is wearing an ID tag and that their microchip details are up to date just in case your dog escapes


  • Assume your garden is escape-proof. Supervise your dog in the garden after dark in case they get spooked.
  • Try to encourage them out of their safe area if they hide – just leave them to it.