Paws for Success is now closed.

Since moving to Sussex, there have been lots of changes to my lifestyle. Moving a small business to a different area is always tricky, especially as dog behaviours vary so much from area to area.

I also now work full-time at an equine vets, running their pharmacy, so time is tricky to come by. I have therefore made a very difficult decision to close Paws for Success.

I set up the business over 10 years ago and saw it go from strength to strength, and although there were many stumbling blocks along the way, it will always hold a very special place in my heart. This decision has not been taken lightly, but trying to maintain a website, email address and various social media enterprises is taking its toll.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my previous clients for using Paws for Success – I really do hope to keep in touch with those of you who would like to stay in contact.

In the meantime, here’s to the next chapter – I would like to set up again in the future, or maybe set up a self-employed business doing something entirely different! Who knows? The options are endless!


Lucy was friendly, professional and very knowledgable and informative. She helped us to understand the reasons why our puppy acts the way she does and gave us lots of training advice and tips to ensure we go on to have an enjoyable time with her and to ensure she feels calm and happy as much as possible. I highly recommend Lucy


Lucy did a 1:1 session with us primarily aimed at helping manage leash reactivity. She was very perceptive and picked up on many things I hadn’t considered that could be feeding into our dogs behaviour. She also gave some helpful advice on other tricky behaviours he has displayed. Throughout Lucy was really understanding and non judgemental – she put us at ease and we feel more optimistic and prepared to iron out some of our dogs behavioural issues. She was knowledgable and really down to earth. Would definitely recommend 🙂

Neil & Linda Cullen

We asked Lucy to come and give us one of her one2one puppy sessions. We learned so much from the time that she gave us. Really helpful and informative advice and suggestions. By following her advice we are making great advances with Hamish’s behaviour as well as understanding where we need to be to get the best for us and him. We would recommend Lucy’s services to anyone needing advice or assistance.

~ Neil and Linda Cullen

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