Walking your dog should be an interactive bonding session between you both. It’s a great opportunity to mentally stimulate your dog, tire them out and keep their focus on what you’re up to. Interactive walks are simple and easy-to-do, but here are some top tips.

1. Scentwork Games
Play scentwork games with your dog by hiding treats on tree stumps, logs, under leaves, under benches, anywhere you can find and encourage them to use their nose to locate the prize. Scentwork is one of the most tiring things your dog can do!

2. Tricks
Teach your dog to climb on things, jump over logs or go around objects. I regularly use bollards as weave poles, and fallen trees as climbing frames. This is great stimulation but also helps to improve your dogs balance and co-ordination!

3. Play Games!
Not just the conventional let’s throw a ball for an hour, but play different games focusing on your dog’s likes and breed type.