I’m often asked about Kizzy, my current rescue dog, so I thought I would write a quick blog about her story and how she came to be!

Back in March 2015, I was at Crufts. I had been looking for a new rescue dog for months and months with a very specific idea in my head of what I wanted – a blue Merle, long-legged boy collie who would ideally be about three years old so mature enough to immediately begin agility training. Nothing had really piqued my interest, but I stopped to have a coffee with a friend and showed her a photo of this sad looking girl collie in a rescue in Wales with a Yin-Yang style face and asked her thoughts. She immediately suggested I enquire for more details and next thing I knew, I had filled out an application form whilst in my hotel room that evening!

The following day I phoned up for more details on my drive home and reserved Kizzy (known as Evangelina at the time). A home check needed to be done so we booked someone in, but they didn’t get the message, so luckily I managed to sort a home check from my end as I actually work as a home checker for this particular charity! Home-check done and signed off, I drove to the opposite side of Wales to view her after work one morning. I got there with 30 minutes left before they were due to close for the day, so arrived and quickly had Kizzy brought out. She was so scared that she wouldn’t come near me at all and they had to pick her up for me to be able to touch her.

With this in mind, we popped her into one of the pens, with a member of staff and myself. All she did was run at the fences barking at people and dogs, then coming to me and springboarding off me for reassurance. Regardless, I could see a spark of something in her, so I agreed to take her home that day.

The journey home was awful – she was horrifically travel sick, stank to the extent that I drove home with the windows down most of the way trying not to be sick myself, and as she was so scared, I was really worried about letting her out of the crate at motorway services to clean her up. But we made it – home at last! Then came the next step – Kizzy had only ever been  a kennel dog – she had never stepped into a house! Even getting her over the threshold was hard work, but she settled in really quickly and we only ever had a few house-training accidents.

More to follow soon…