Due to the temperature being 29-30 degrees at the moment with another rise due later today and tomorrow, Emma and I have had to make the executive decision to postpone all classes and workshops on Saturday 30th June.


This decision has not been made lightly, but I need to ensure the safety of all clients both on site and travelling to/from the yard. 


The current plan is to postpone all classes and workshops to Saturday 28th July, with timings changed to earlier in the day to prevent a repeat if the weather is hot again.

Recall will be 9-10.30am on July 28th

Games will be 11-12.30am on July 28th

Please confirm asap if you are able to transfer to the alternative date and times.

If not I may be able to offer you a 121 session or evening session instead for the same price, or I can refund you.

I know some of you requested earlier times tomorrow but I am afraid we have not had enough interest to make this viable as we both have to cover the costs of our own dog care as it is too hot to have our dogs on site, as well as us both travelling quite a way to the yard. 

Many thanks for your patience and understanding.


Sold Out

Sorry, sold out