Paws for Success have two fully-fenced paddocks for hire in Herriard, just South of Basingstoke.

The paddocks are next to each other and have been re-fenced as of December 2016. With four foot stock fencing around the whole perimeter, it’s ideal for letting your dogs blow off steam or to work on recall. There is a byway at the bottom of the field (with two lines of fencing between you) but is otherwise quiet and peaceful.

The paddocks aren’t suitable for escape artists, but are used regularly by clients with reactive dogs, dogs who lack recall or clients with young children, removing the worry of walking.


Would you like to let your dog run off lead without the worry of him running off?

Would you like to spend time with your dogs without other people or dogs being around? You can have the field to yourself or arrange to meet up with friends.

POSTCODE: RG25 2PH – Herriard, Hampshire

Cost of hire for up to five dogs. For more dogs, please ask before booking:

£10 per hour / £5 per 30 minutes

Paddock Parking

The parking is next to the field, so isn’t far away. Dog water bowls are provided. Owners must clean up after their dogs – a poo bin is now located in the field.

One paddock may have agility equipment left in at various times.

To reserve a slot call 07809 375885 or preferably email