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Great service

Lucy was friendly, professional and very knowledgable and informative. She helped us to understand the reasons why our puppy acts the way she does and gave us lots of training advice and tips to ensure we go on to have an enjoyable time with her and to ensure she feels calm and happy as much as possible. I highly recommend Lucy

~ Amanda

Helpful 1-1

Lucy did a 1:1 session with us primarily aimed at helping manage leash reactivity. She was very perceptive and picked up on many things I hadn’t considered that could be feeding into our dogs behaviour. She also gave some helpful advice on other tricky behaviours he has displayed. Throughout Lucy was really understanding and non judgemental – she put us at ease and we feel more optimistic and prepared to iron out some of our dogs behavioural issues. She was knowledgable and really down to earth. Would definitely recommend 🙂

~ Hannah

121 Puppy Training

We asked Lucy to come and give us one of her one2one puppy sessions. We learned so much from the time that she gave us. Really helpful and informative advice and suggestions. By following her advice we are making great advances with Hamish’s behaviour as well as understanding where we need to be to get the best for us and him. We would recommend Lucy’s services to anyone needing advice or assistance.

~ Neil and Linda Cullen

~ Neil & Linda Cullen

Calm and informative

Lucy did a 1-1 session with our new Romanian rescue puppy. We’ve not owned a dog before so were feeling very lost and out of control with the puppy’s behaviour. Lucy gave us an insight into why he was behaving as he is and how we can then learn together to control the issues. Teddy (puppy), loves the games she taught us to play with him. Lucy was so calm with him and he seemed to listen and act as taught which was amazing. Highly recommend Lucy.

~ Sian Jones



~ Anthony Tyrer


I booked a 1-2-1 puppy training session with Lucy as I was struggling to manage behaviour of my new pup Buddy and my 3 children together, the children where growing scared of Buddy jumping up at them and mouthing. Lucy was prompt in her response to my email and was soon sitting in my living room teaching me techniques that myself and the children could use with Buddy. We covered a lot in the session such as behaviour and toilet training and I felt comfortable to ask any questions that I had. Lucy has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dogs. I felt so much more confident after the session. It has now been a week since Lucy came to us and the change in our house has been amazing. Thank You Lucy!

~ Adrianne Allchurch

121 success

Lucy visited us at our home and showed us MANY strategies to use to help Seve, our Catalan sheepdog, deal with his anxieties whilst out walking.  This was followed up with an email and attached tips and advice sheets.  We were surprised at the amount of info she gave us and by putting these strategies in place we now have a much more happier dog.
Lucy is very professional and we would highly recommend her.  We look forward to seeing her again soon. Thank you Lucy.

~ Kim Boardman

1-1 training with our boisterous lab!

Lucy runs an excellent service and we can’t recommend it enough! Lucy met us and our 1 year old labrador Bailey for just one session and really helped us tackle some of his walking on lead problems. Lucy was both professional but friendly and made us feel comfortable. She showed real expertise and wasn’t at all patronising in her delivery of this (which we’ve experienced elsewhere before!) The work we did with Lucy in such a short space of time has already done complete wonders for “walkies” time – what was once a dreaded time of the day has now become much more manageable and enjoyable now thanks to the excellent services offered at Paws for Success. Can’t recommend enough and very grateful for her help!

~ Jasmine

121 training help

Great communication and super quick appointment to start with.
Appointment couldn’t have gone better and I instantly felt less anxious about my puppy’s particular problem behaviour. Lucy is incredibly knowledgeable and comes across very well. Pleasant to speak to and explains everything clearly and concisely. Once the appointment was over Lucy confirmed she would send me a follow up email with all that we had talked about in it, which I received that evening and it was full of lots of useful information.
Thank you so much Lucy and I will definitely be using you again.

~ Kerry

Amazing puppy visit

Lucy came to a 121 when we’d had our puppy home for 4 days. I found it hugely reassuring and got some great tips for mental stimulation and distraction. Before we got our pup Lucy was also providing email support and helping us prepare. Great value for money-Lucy was time-generous, well informed, calm and structured and suppprtive. If you are a first time puppy owner I highly recommend booking a session!

~ Clare

Tala’s Puppy 121

Thank you for today, I was a little wary as so many people put down huskies and so didn’t know how positive you would be but that worry was quickly put aside. It was great to understand a few brain training exercises we could try and equally see how you interacted with Tala so I could ensure friends/family could do the same. Will continue to use the techniques you’ve shown and look forward to progressing further.

~ Genevieve Pratt


Went over to Lucy’s today for a 121 with my hyper german shepard who is 110% adrenaline. Lucy observed a quick walk and then we located to a green near her house and she explained everthing that was going on in Sheba’s brain. It was explained in great detail and made a lot of sense. I really look forward to put all advice in to action and working with Lucy again. Been home several hours and carried out a few tips and already she’s responding and calm. Brilliant!

~ Kev with sheba

One to One: very encouraging and helpful

Lucy came to our house and met the dogs, then we all went for a walk together. Lucy understood the worries we were having very quickly and was able to show us ways of bringing them under control straight away. She was friendly and professional, kind and knowledgable. We enjoyed the session very much and are very encouraged to find that the pretty simple techniques Lucy has shown us are already beginning to bring about the desired improvement in our dogs’ behaviour.

~ Mike Matthews

Reliable, friendly and knowledgeable

Lucy has been dog sitting, pet feeding and dog walking for me and my extended family for over five years. My labradoodle loves staying with her – I actually think he prefers it to home. I feel comfortable and confident leaving him with her to walk. He has his quirks, but I know that Lucy has extensive behavioural training (rare for your average dog walker!) and that she only walks dogs in small groups. In fact, they usually get their own personal walk! She always goes out of her way to help, even when I’ve had to contact her at short notice. I’ve also been to her agility and canine first aid classes, and would highly recommend them. Other animals we’ve tasked Lucy with caring for include parakeets, a parrot and tortoises. She’s always my first call for pet care!

~ Soraya

Happy with the service

Lucy did a fantastic job looking after us, we got lots of attention and cuddles! We’re sorry about Lola being grumpy with her at first. Our owners were happy with the service provided and will be sure to use Paws for success again in the future. 3 very happy dogs.

~ Milo, Mila and Lola

Domino the Dalmatian

We contacted Lucy a little while ago to ask if she thought she might be able to help us with our Dalmatian. Domino and I have just had a 1-2-1 session which has been so helpful. Lucy has so much knowledge about dogs – it is extremely impressive. She is calm and explains everything so no stone is left unturned. From feeling as though I wouldn’t be able to keep Domino, I now am facing the future in a more confident manner with loads of information on doggie signals and techniques that are going to help us both. I am actually excited about practicing them – whereas I felt so daunted before my 1-2-1 session. Thank you Lucy….(p.s. Domino is still asleep…!)

~ Sue Hawkins

Tropical fish care

We recently used Lucy at very short notice and for the first time to look after our 5ft marine fish tank whilst away for a few days. She is very personable and nothing seemed to phase her! She did a brilliant job of reassuring us that everything was ok with what can be difficult and demanding pets! She took a keen interest in the husbandry and proved very reliable, sensible and trustworthy. We would have no hesitation in recommending her and will definitely use her again. Thanks Lucy, it was lovely meeting you.

~ Michelle and Johnny Hine

Poppy's much better

Poppy’s much better, I play many more games and practice tricks much more, and ignore the bad behaviour, and she is definitely improving. When Poppy gets excitable she seems to be regulating herself too now, she goes to get her chew bone to stop herself from getting bitey. She moves around in quick circles and then sits down! It’s really quite sweet. I will keep you posted.

~ D Norris

Felt supported, not judged

I really respect your knowledge of dogs; with our 4 labs over 21 years, I’ve been to many classes. I think the main difference is that you are not judgemental; I’ve only been to 2 other classes where I have felt supported, not judged.

~ Deborah Campbell

So, happy so far, thank YOU!

I have been putting into practice the calling with (minimum words!) and holding a treat in my fist the way you did with arm up. They recognise this now and came every time I called them yesterday whilst out walking. Okay,so there were no other distractions, but the idea, as you said, was to let them realise that coming back to me didn’t always mean lead on/home time! AND best of all, when we were approaching our end of walk and my car was in sight, they STILL came back to me with the name call/treat in hand technique! WHOOPEE!!! So, happy so far, thank YOU!

~ Amanda Barnes

Fantastic job

Lucy took on the challenge of pet sitting our 3 naughty dogs and our wee pussy cat Bella. She did a fantastic job looking after them and our house. She kept me up to date every day with how they were. This was the first time I have used a pet/house sitter, I will definitely be asking Lucy again to look after my babies.

~ Angela Stevenson

Rally Workshop

What a wonderful experience it was on Sunday to attend a rally workshop with Lucy King, weather could have been better but not noticed as we had a very good session in what rally is all about. I will carry away lots of signals, i.e.; pivots,spirals, & stop signs but most of all the enjoyment my BC & myself had, I cannot thank Lucy enough and I certainly recommend a workshop visit.

~ Phil New

Makes every effort to meet client's needs

I have used Lucy to dog walk 3 spaniels. She is professional and makes every effort to meet clients needs. I have one dog who can be difficult to manage, but she listened carefully to my concerns and how I avoid problems with him, which led to trouble free walks. The dogs were walked and washed and left in the house where requested. All seemed happy and content with her company and were suitably tired after the exercise (no mean feat with a 2 year old springer!). I would happily recommend Lucy and will be using her for holiday cover as well in the future.

~ Claire Horsfield

Agility Classes

I attended a beginners dog agility course with Lucy and was impressed at how organised and prepared the classes were and at how competent Lucy was in dealing with the dogs. Despite not having a dog that wanted to jump and who tried to run off several times Lucy read my dog’s behaviour very well and supported us through the course. The course was enjoyable for dogs and owners and run in a professional way. I would highly recommend the course whether you are looking to take agility more seriously or whether you just want to pass a structured hour having fun with your dog.

~ Viv Placidi

Wedding Dog Care

Lucy had my two lovely dogs whilst we were off getting married. It was the first time I had left them and when Lucy arrived to collect them I instantly felt at ease. I am not keen on kennels so home from home was perfect for us. They came back happy and I even got a few pictures of they stay. We will definitely be using Lucy again for holidays etc. In the future.

~ Jade M

Horse Care

I rung Lucy on the Thursday after getting out of hospital desperate for someone to look after my horses whilst I was unable too. She was fantastic, I really can’t recommend her enough! She treated my boys like they were her own, and was very calm with them even when my new forest got a little excitable going out after being on box rest for a long period of time! She left me completely at ease and I had no worries!

~ Amy Davis

The one-to-one session was extremely helpful

We had the pleasure of Lucy King coming to our home to meet our 13 week old puppy, “Portia” (a Blue Great Dane). The one-to-one session was extremely helpful and has enabled us to move forward with Portia’s training. We would have no hesitation in recommending Lucy King to any dog owner.

~ Barry and Karen Govey

Chihuahua Recall

I met Lucy today to go over recall training with my two chihuahuas, we had a lovely walk over the park and I learnt allot about body language and how to read my two!! Lucy certainly knows her stuff and I am looking forward to putting into practice the things I learnt today! :o)

~ Emma

Kids Club

The girls really enjoyed the rally work and it is so helpful to work on obedience with the dogs. It is great to meet a young and passionate dog trainer who really engaged the children and dogs.

~ Martine Fairchild

Support before puppy classes

We have been lucky enough to have had two 121 sessions with Lucy to support us with Hunter, our 15 week old Hungarian Vzslar before our puppy classes start in a couple of weeks. She has given us lots of confidence and reassurance as this is our first puppy and we want to ensure we have a well behaved adult dog. Lucy is very approachable and extremely knowledgeable demonstrated by the techniques she has shown us that are really specific to the breed of dog we have. She is patient with all of our questions and Hunter responds brilliantly to all her commands. We will continue to engage with Lucy as she will offer some agility classes that will be well suited to Hunter once he has mastered his recall. We would thoroughly recommend Paws for Success.

~ Sue Flanders

Progress in such a short time!

I met Lucy today for my first session on dog pulling on a lead. She came with lots of equipment to help with the session. With her helping hand I had my GSD walking on a slack lead. My session was to help with both of my GSD’s Bella and charlie, Both dog’s made such progress in such a short time.

~ Teresa Hammond

Showed us how to read our dog!

Lucy knows her stuff. She assessed our 11month collie in a calm and friendly manner. We all had a session out in the pouring rain and using the B.A.T. method. Both dog and humans were trained. Lucy showed us how to “read” our dog and to understand what he is trying to tell us.We cant recommend Lucy highly enough

~ Dave and Ann

Friendly, helpful and patient

I found Lucy very friendly, helpful and patient. She gave me some good suggestions for training my dog Poppy, I have put them into practice and am having ongoing success!

~ Betty Harrop

Friendly service

Lucy looked after my most precious possession my king charles cavalier at short notice. I felt instantly at ease and was extremely pleased with the high quality of care. I think she took better care of him than I do! Highly recommended reliable and friendly service.

~ Racha

Scentwork Attendees

Liked the factual info at the beginning which was tailored to just the right level. Lovely, friendly atmosphere so not intimidated and felt able to ask questions. Nice to come across courses for pet handlers to build relationship with their dog and both handler and dog have fun!  ~ Val Blaydon
I had a great time at the scenting workshop. It was well-taught, fun and informative. I have been despairing of my dog’s strong sense of smell but can now begin to use it and have fun. Look forward to some more workshops in the future!  ~ Ann Crane


I really enjoyed the scentwork workshop! It was really great to attend as a spectator and observe the handlers and their dogs really relax from their initial excitement and get stuck into the scentwork. The dogs looked like they really enjoyed themselves and the owners clearly did too. I’ll certainly be using some of exercises in class and with my own dog as a lovely different way to interact with her and put her nose to good use! Thank you for organising. ~ Corinne Lisle 
Very informative and fun workshop which was clearly enjoyed by all the dogs!  ~ Tanya Walls 
My dog, George, and I had a great afternoon out. The trainers were lovely and the class nice and relaxed. Lovely bunch of dogs and fun was had by all. A good introduction to scentwork, but a little brief.  ~ Dawn Paterson 
 I went to this workshop as an observer. I am a trainer & know some scentwork theory – I had previously had some instruction & seen some competition-level dogs in action, but wanted to get to grips with basic/beginners’ nosework. The course was really well delivered by the two very knowledgeable presenters, who were clearly passionate about their discipline! The material was clear, accessible & practical, with handlers & spectators being made to feel included & welcome to ask questions. I really enjoyed & learned a lot from – thanks to Lucy & Caroline & James Dunn! ~ Linda Ryan
Quotes I attended the Fun Scentwork course as a spectator and found it to be very interesting and informative. Throughout the afternoon, James and Caroline explained how to do the scentwork with our dogs very well, and I particularly liked how different exercises could be adapted to suit individual dog?s abilities and natural instincts. Thanks Lucy for putting on such a great course. 


Since the fun scentwork course I have had 3 ‘scentwork’ sessions with my dog, a labrador. These have gone so well and I am so pleased that at last we have found a way to ‘work’ Meg using her natural instincts and abilities in a fun way that does not put any undue stress on her physically (she has hip dysplasia) We started firstly indoors, then in a field and at the week end in our usual dog walking area with lots of distractions. As I drink redbush tea anyway I decided to use berry tea bags (Meg has eaten a couple of these, but they are still caffeine free!) Am going to use a small toy which has been in with the tea bags next. Meg took to it straight away and it’s lovely watching her ‘work’. Thank you so much for putting on this course, we have been looking for a way to work her for so long, and am thinking about doing a rally workshop next so will check your website. I will recommend you to others. Quotes ~ Carol Bullock

~ Scentwork Attendees

Kookie the dog!

I wanted to say thank you for helping mummy to understand me a little bit better! When she first told me I was coming to have a one to one session with you I did a big yawn! I thought it would be mega boring……but luckily for you I was wrong! I’m very naughty when I’m bored but I enjoyed our time together so much I thought if I behaved mummy might let me come again! She was a little bit cross with me at first, you see I am usually really naught getting into all sorts of doggy mischief but I think she understands that was because I was bored and full of puppy energy now! 
I learnt How to walk nicely on the lead, how to sit and wait patiently even when mummy walks away, the emergency stop (this is really good when I’m running towards mummy’s knees at 100 miles an hour!) to use my brain to show mummy all the amazing things I can do to get her to give me a treat without her even asking! I really enjoyed the bit where we made mummy run and run in the opposite direction before I sat for her to come back! I think you trained mummy really well! She is much happier with me and isn’t threatening to take me back to where I came from anymore! I know that that?s because you helped her so much over Christmas when I arrived and wouldn’t let them get any sleep for the first few nights. So from the bottom of my very big heart thank you very much Aunty Lucy! Kookie (aged 5 months and 8 days) 

~ Kookie the dog!

Ttouch Workshop Attendees

A really informative workshop to introduce Ttouch techniques to complete novices. ~ Kim Ebner
Very well organised. A friendly welcome led to a great learning session. Well-paced and informative.  ~ Kerry Wiggins
Superbly presented in an interesting and informative way with excellent videos showing the practical uses. ~ Peter Crowley 
The course was brilliant, great insight into some very useful ideas to continue to help get the best out of my dog. 🙂 ~ Jo Dawson
A very interesting and informative course. Delivered with passion. ~ Dave Palmer 
A brilliant and informative seminar. I’m inspired!  ~ Jane Hodges 
I absolutely loved this talk and can’t wait to try it on my own dogs and look forward to finding out more. ~ Julie Robertson 
Having attended Ttouch workshops before I always find them informative and inspiring. This was no exception. ~ Stu Greenfield
Course was informative with a common sense approach with good use of case studies and video clips. A lot of food for thought and considering how to progress!  ~ Fiona Cameron Green
I learned lots of new techniques to use on my dog. Would be interested to attend a workshop to learn more. ~ Marion Cooper

~ Ttouch Workshop Attendees

Clear communicator

I attended a rally workshop run by Paws for Success and can recommend it as a very good introduction to a new sport which I am sure will take off in the UK. Lucy was an enthusiastic and clear communicator and follows up the session with all relevant paperwork so that we can carry on practicing at home.

~ Marie Patchell

Milo the dog's review!

Thanks for all your help when my humans decided it was a nice idea to get a puppy and it howled all night keeping me awake! It’s because of your help and patience that Kookie (that’s my sister now) still lives with us because I think mum was ready to take her back after two nights of no sleep (she was mega grumpy that day!) Before I met you my life was quite boring really. Yes I was taken out for walks every day but I was getting very frustrated with sit, paw, sit, paw which was basically the only tricks I ever got to do! I knew there must be more to doggy life I just had to get my humans to see it too!

~ Milo the dog

Gained knowledge and confidence

My daughter and I both learnt lots from Lucy. We both gained knowledge and confidence in training our 7 month Cocker Spaniel Alfie. Lucy also demonstrated total commitment by a following up with me to ensure that the training methods were working, which I totally appreciated.

~ Sarah Thorne

First Aid Attendees

I thought the course was good because bandaging the dogs was good practice for future problems.  ~ Emily Renshaw – First Aid Course Attendee
An extremely well-taught course. Definitely worth attending whether you are a dog owner or run a dog business as it is always better to be prepared in case an emergency occurs.  ~ Tanya Walls – First Aid Course Attendee
As a potential dog walker, I found the course very useful. Will look out for other courses run by Paws for Success as this was very good value.  ~ Jane Dalton – First Aid Course Attendee
Very interesting, professional advice and interesting course at a very reasonable cost. Very friendly and helpful. Really enjoyed the content. Karen Burling – First Aid Course Attendee
A grest afternoon, lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed it!  ~ Tracey Venn – First Aid Course Attendee
Thoroughly enjoyed – please contact me about more courses. Well presented, very professional but in a relaxed environment. Many thanks! ~ Harry Fielder – First Aid Course Attendee

~ First Aid Attendees

Behaviour has noticeably improved!

We are so lucky to have Lucy to walk Toby at lunch times. Toby immediately took to Lucy and absolutely loves his time out with her learning new things and playing new games, his behaviour has noticeably improved since Lucy’s arrival and it’s a pleasure to see videos of his progress and happy times.

~ Marion Cooper

Easy to talk to!

Just to say, had a fantastic rally session which Willow and I really enjoyed. Will definitely be carrying this on, something I am really interested in. Lucy, as always, is a very approachable and easy to talk to trainer, thank you!

~ Emma Wolf

Lucy has a special skill with dogs

I can 100% recommend Lucy, she has looked after my three dogs who are aged 17,16 and 2 when I was working or away on holiday. Lucy has a special skill with dogs and my three will miss her immensely as we move out of the area.

~ Sue Bengougam

Natural affinity

As new dog owners we have gained a lot of confidence in just two short sessions with Lucy. She has shown us techniques and approaches to which our puppy has responded really well. Lucy has a natural affinity and great talent with dogs and has helped us get to know and appreciate our puppy. We cannot recommend her too highly!

~ Claire Morris


Informative and easy to access. Love the video clips!

~ Sharon

Help has been invaluable!

Lucy has been brilliant. She helped us to learn techniques to calm the attention seeking behaviour of our boisterous young retriever. Her help has been invaluable and worth every penny!

~ Sharon Gregory

Content and happy dogs

There are not many dog walkers who will take 3 Labradors on in one go! Lucy has not only taken on the challenge, but embraced it. I can go to work, happy in the knowledge that the dogs will be exercised, dried (properly) and water topped up. They are content and happy when I return. Lucy also offers house sitting which is fabulous for holidays and the occasional night away…..

~ Laura Ludlow

Recall 121

After having the 1-2-1 with Lucy showing me the correct way in Recall training, Sophie my Border Terrier is improving each day, I am now using the training lead at its full length on the recall, thanks Lucy.

~ Jackie Pearce

Happy and well-cared for!

Thanks very much for looking after all our animals. Everyone seemed very happy and well-cared for. I’ll be in touch soon!

~ Lydia

Trevor Cooper Seminar Attendees

I had heard really great things about the Trevor Cooper seminar and I had been wanting to hear him speak for ages. I thought that a long lecture about law might be a bit tedious and I was wondering how I was going to stay awake! How wrong was I? What a brilliant speaker, brought the subject to life and handled lots of complicated and emotional questions with dexterity and humour! Very highly recommended. QuotesSarah Morris – Dog Law Seminar attendee
I really enjoyed the talk. Although I have heard him before it is always good to refresh the old grey cells! I find him very informative and amusing to listen to. QuotesMary – Dog Law Seminar attendee
I thought the talk was excellent. It was extremely informative and entertaining. It’s a shame we ran out of time at the end. QuotesVeronica – Dog Law Seminar attendee

~ Trevor Cooper Seminar Attendees

Targeted Training

The training and guidance that Lucy gave to me and my dog was just what we needed. She was brilliant with Jumble with just the right mix of fun and firmness. He has responded incredibly well to her training and we are still making great progress. The targeted training aimed at our problem areas means that our session was incredibly productive and great value for money.

~ Helen

Beneficial to see results straight away!

It was very beneficial to see results straight away with some of the techniques, namely hand signals for sit etc. The lead pulling is a challenge for us to master but helpful to be corrected. I suspect this will come with practice even if it’s just around the block to start with.

~ Mel

Mum of ten cats!

Lucy, thanks so much for feeding all of our cats. We will use your services again. It is great to know there is someone out there who is so caring towards our pets and has a real passion for the work she does. All the success in the future, I hope PAWS for success continues to grow and grow.

~ Caroline Harvey-Taylor

Will always recommend Lucy's services to other pet owners.

It was a great relief when I realised that Lucy could come to dog-sit our dog Barney. Since we work from home and he is used to having people around all the time, we really did not want him to stay in kennels for the weekend our family was away. And it turned out to be great! Barney was very well looked after, played with and walked in the woods and we found a very happy dog on our return! Will always recommend Lucy’s services to other pet owners.

~ Mieke Collins

Happy client and happy puppy!

Thanks so much for giving me some real tactics to use when recalling my puppy. I feel so much more confident now and it has definitely enhanced the fun that I can have with her. I also feel as though I can pass these new skills onto the rest of my family – a manageable set of instructions that we all understand. The supporting documentation works well as a great memory jogger and is useful when my in-laws are dog-sitting when we are away

~ Christine

121 recall training

Hooky has been coming on in leaps and bounds with her recall since the 1-2-1 we had a couple of weeks ago. I let her lead go quite often now, call her back when she gets a way in front then call her back. She has been coming back straight away 99% of the time to lots of praise and tasty treats (Ollie comes as well). Still working on the 1%. She hasn’t run off though!

~ Sandra Barker

Rally Competition Competitors

Really enjoyed the trial on Sunday courtesy of Lucy, it was a brilliant day and thankyou to the judges too I found your feedback really useful. ~ Vanessa –Talking Dogs Rally Competitor
Thank you again for a great rally Lucy.” ~ Helen – Talking Dogs Rally Competitor
Thank you so much for offering us a stall there, I know that Janet, Leslie and Martin had a great time and met some fantastic people! We also made £95 which is great, I hope everything went well for you! Leslie also said that the rally obedience looked very interesting and I think she’ll be looking into it more. We would love to join you again next year, fundraising is always so worthwhile and even better when it’s with lovely people 🙂  ~ Gemma – Rescue Remedies – stall at TD Rally trial
Just like to say huge thank you to Lucy King for organising a super rally, brillliant venue and company, everyone appeared to have a super day and everything seemed to run like clockwork, well worth the trip from Norfolk to Hampshire. Also a big thank you to the judges Becky, Jenny and Lucy for giving up your time in order for us to enjoy our day out with our canine companions. Well done to everyone there yesterday. ~ Martin – Talking Dogs Rally Competitor
Thanks Lucy, Becky and Jennie for a fab day. Jack is also in basket asleep so not posing for any photos. Looking forward to the next one! ~ Emma – Talking Dogs Rally Competitor
Thank you to all involved in today’s trial in Hampshire, particularly Lucy for all her efforts and to the judges for interesting rounds and really useful supportive feedback. Had a great day, so proud of my guys and their little collection of red rosettes. I’d love to post a picture but currently both are shattered and curled up asleep & are not going to indulge mum by posing! My old boy has been ill lately and it was absolutely fantastic to see him regain his sparkle and enjoy doing his round so much – loved working with him! Thank you! ~ Catherine – Talking Dogs Rally Competitor
Thanks for organising a successful friendly Trial. It was really nice, and weren’t we lucky with the weather.” ~ Jenny – Talking Dogs Rally Judge
Just wanted to say Thank You for yesterday. It was the first Trial that Travis and I have entered and we had a brilliant day. It wasn’t just ‘going home with three rosettes’, people were friendly and kind and the whole day was enjoyable. Travis slept all evening! Hope you run more.”  ~ Evelyn – Talking Dogs Rally Competitor

~ Rally Competition Competitors

Can relax whilst away!

Having Lucy to house sit for our dogs means that we can relax while we are away. It is with regret I say that my babies did not seem to miss us at all. I would totally recommend Lucy’s services to anyone.

~ Sue and Ben Bengougham

Chicken sitting

It’s always a worry to go away and leave pets, particularly when they are the edible kind! We own 2 chickens and treat them like true pets, cleaning them out every day, feeding and watering them and generally spoiling them! I heard about Lucy through a work colleague and she came over and listened to my list of tasks I needed doing while I was away. I gave Lucy a key to my house so that she could access lights to lock the chickens away in the evenings. After 7 days I came back to 2 happy girls, all clean and tidy just as I have everything, with the added bonus of someone also checking on my house over the festive season. I can honestly say I didn’t worry at all while I was away and will definitely be using Lucy again so that I can again enjoy a relaxing break knowing everything is in order. Many thanks Lucy!

~ Vicki

Rally class attendee

Lucy provided well planned training sessions which were fun for both the handler and dog. Her knowledge of Rally helped us understand what was required to be successful at the sport.

~ Anne

I got some very useful tips

I emailed Lucy to get help with our Jack Russell who has never been trained. I got a very fast reply. We had one session and I got some very useful tips. You can tell she is very good with animals and I would recommend her to anyone.

~ Pernilla

Very happy to have him looked after

I emailed Lucy to ask if she would be able to walk Baxter for me for a couple of days as I was at work and my husband away on a trip. She replied straightaway and confirmed she could. We arranged for her to come to the house to meet Baxter. I was very happy to have him looked after by Lucy and he had two wonderful walks which made me feel much less guilty about leaving him! Thank you Lucy and I am sure I will need you again.

~ Debbie

Great to go away and not worry!

 I was recommended by my dentist and have been very pleased with the way Lucy has come and looked after all my dogs they all seemed to settle down with her straight away. Its great that we can go away and not worry and she has kept us up to-date with how they are while we are away which we like.(as my husband says I worry too much).

~ Jackie White

Very sensible and understands dog behaviour

Lucy is one of the few people I would trust to look after my dogs just as I would look after them myself. She is very sensible and understands dog behaviour. I have two very different Jack Russells – a friendly one and an aggressive one – and she tailor makes each walk to suit their needs. I know when my dogs are out with Lucy that they will come home safely and it is one less thing for me to worry about when I have a hectic work schedule to put all my energies into.

~ Nicky Moffatt

I am confident that he is in the very best hands

Lucy has looked after my dog on several occasions and I am confident that he is in the very best hands. Lucy is an extremely experienced and confident dog handler and my Jack Russell who is not exactly the world’s most friendly dog, adores her. I am totally reassured that anyone leaving their dog, pets, house or whatever in her hands would be truly looked after.

~ Angela Moffatt

Doing so well with him!

Thank you so much! You are doing so well with him and he is really walking better on the lead now! Many thanks for all you have done with him.

~ Sam

Left the house lovely and clean

Lucy house-sat for me recently and looked after my dog. She left the house lovely and clean for my return – thanks very much!

~ Kelly

I wouldn't have anyone else to house sit.

Lucy has regularly house and horse sat for us and has always done a brilliant job. I can totally trust her with the horses, dogs and chickens and love the texts she sends to let me know everything is going well and the animals are fine. I wouldn’t have anyone else to house sit.

~ Linda and Tony Nicholls

Trusted Lucy 100%

Lucy house sat my Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Arnie, a few nights whilst I was out of the country on business. I had absolutely no concerns about my dog and knew he was in good hands with Lucy. It was the first time since I rescued Arnie that I have had to go away on business so it was vital that I knew Arnie would be in good hands, and I trusted Lucy 100% to give him as many cuddles and kisses as I would every night before I go to bed. Lucy will always be my first choice the next time I go away.

~ Alex Collins

Completely flexible with the type of walking/sitting I needed

Lucy was brilliant with Rory and was completely flexible with the type of walking/sitting I needed. When the timings for my day changed at short notice she offered to stay with Rory for a few hours, as well as walking him, so I had no worries leaving him at all. Rory isn’t the easiest, calmest dog in the world (he’s a big, bouncy Labradoodle), but I never worry about leaving him in Lucy’s capable hands. I have no doubt that she will look after him responsibly ? plus, they get on like a house on fire, so I know he’ll have fun, too! I would recommend her to anyone in need of a dog walker or sitter. When I go on holiday this year I won’t think twice about booking Lucy to stay.

~ Soraya Abdel-Hadi

Extremely competant

Lucy is friendly and extremely competant. She has been our dog walker for some while and has also looked after Henry dog during the day if we have needed to be away. Henry loves her and although he is completely boisterous and over the top she, and Chloe, have shown immense patience with him. She offers a really convenient service and we would have no hesitation in recommending her

~ Denise and Brian

Don't need to worry at all

Lucy has house-sat for me on numerous occasions and each time it is so reassuring to know that when I leave my house I don’t need to worry at all about my animals. It’s wonderful to come home to happy and chilled out dogs, bright and perky chickens, healthy fish and a tidy and clean house – she’s professional and organised, keeps you up to date where necessary and not when it’s not, and I trust her implicitly in all areas of animal care. Seriously, you won’t find a better house-sitter anywhere, so call her now and find out how great she is for yourself (just not for the days when I need her! 😉

~ Helen Foot

Only person I have ever trusted enough...

Lucy recently house-sat for us – the only person I have ever trusted enough to leave with our menagerie of dog, cats, guinea pigs and fish, as well as the house! Our dog’s behaviour is not the easiest, but she dealt with everything professionally and went far beyond the call of duty. It was a relief to know that my animals were being so well looked after, and that I could leave them in her care without worrying.I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone, and she will be the first person I call next time I go away.

~ Clare and Chris Holland

Ideas that make total sense!

Thank you so much for your help and advice with Harry and Sam, some great ideas that make total sense, we are seeing the difference with Harry already.

~ Sarah and Barry

Jack is much happier

Lucy has just started working with my Jack Russell, who has been getting into scrapes with other dogs. After only 1 session with Lucy I find myself looking forward to walking my dog and can’t wait until the next walk. Thanks Lucy this means so much to me and the advice about what to look for in the dogs stance was so helpful. Jack is much happier and can’t wait to see you again!

~ Emma

No hesitation to use again!

Lucy house sat for us in February 2010. The dogs absolutely loved Lucy and were very sad to see her go after we returned. Lucy walked the dogs daily and left the house in a clean and tidy condition. One of our dogs is quite picky about food and other routines – Lucy handled this with kindness and patience. We had no worries when we left the house that our home and dogs would be well looked after and any emergencies handled with calmness and intelligence. Lucy is absolutely trustworthy, very sensible and a qualified animal first-aider. We will have no hestation in using her services in the future.

~ Colin and Lou Fisher

Rally Workshop Attendees

An enjoyable experience, taking part in a new sport for dogs and their owners. I look forward to being part of the developing interest in Rally and having the chance to use my new skills! ~ Yvonne


A very nice, friendly course with good dogs (and people). Many thanks for organising it and I would like to be on your list if you arrange any more. ~Christine


I found it fun and very good to talk with others who are doing same thing. ~ Angela


I really enjoyed the day, and it was great to meet the ladies behind TD rally. I look forward to more rally events. ~ Ann


I very much enjoyed the recall workshop. It was great being able to put the theory into practise. It really helped having you near to point out any mistakes and showing how to do it correctly. However, on Sunday things didn’t go well. A football match was in progress and Lucy just led down and watched, completely ignoring me. I think I could have called her for an hour and she still wouldn’t have moved. Anyway, I know it is a slow process so I shall keep persevering. ~ Vanessa

~ Various Rally Workshop Attendees

Definitely be interested in any future classes!

Just wanted to say thanks again for organising this. Really enjoyed it, it just went all too quickly! I didn’t see Shaun at the end to thank him, so if you speak to him / give feedback then please thank him for me. I’d definitely be interested in any future classes arranged.

~ Karen

Lovely stress-free holiday!

Lucy looked after our two Labradors for us in June 2010 and thanks to her we had a lovely stress free holiday not having to worry bout “our boys” at home especially as Paddie has “issues”. The boys loved having Lucy and Chloe to stay and ran around the house looking for her when we got back to see where they were. It also helped put my mind at rest to know Lucy is an animal first aider and any problem would be sorted out in a calm manner. I would not hesitate to call on her again.

~ Julie Cole

Bunny housesitting

Lucy housesits for my house-bunny on a regular basis. She always makes sure the flat is left clean and tidy and it saves me worrying whilst I’m away. Thanks!

~ Sarah

Extremely efficient and convenient!

Lucy offers an extremely efficient, convenient and cost-effective alternative to the kennels, which my dog and cat were very grateful for (although they don’t realise!). Her friendly and competent service meant that we could go away for the weekend knowing that our pets were safe and being well cared for in their usual habitat by someone we know and trust. You couldn’t ask for someone better or a more personal service – I would definitely recommend Lucy to anyone!

~ Jo Dawson

Mature and practical personality...

“We have been fortunate enough to have Lucy look after our home and animals on two occasions. We have had a sitter before and felt it necessary to phone everyday and then usually be met by a variety of problems. Lucy’s great experience with dog training, her obvious love of her own dog Chloe, coupled with a mature and practical personality were wonderful to find. Lucy took over our home and the two dogs, one cat and tropical fish whilst we went to France and then Cornwall. She is an extremely capable and calm young woman. If there had been a problem, I am sure that it would have been dealt with in a competant and efficient manner. I had no need to worry, as Lucy sent me regular texts to say the dogs were happy. Our Chihuahuas are not the size that Lucy is probably used to, but she was wonderful with them and even helped to sort out Bruce’s ‘tubby tummy’! Hopefully, when she next comes, she can sort out the ‘savaging of the letters through the post box’ issue! Quotes

~ Penny and Leo

Pet Sitting

Lucy did a great job looking after chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs and dog, with all their varied requirements. She cleaned out the pets before we arrived home, did some washing and left the house super clean! All the animals look well looked after and happy. Thank you so much.

~ Janis Dolding

Learnt to read Dave's body language a lot more.

Thank you so much for coming out and seeing us the other month. You were such a help and we’ve really learnt to read Dave’s body language a lot more.  The barking is still something we are battling with but we’ve been keeping up with the training. The day after you came out to see us we brought him a new toy that we put his breakfast in that uses his brain more instead of just having it in his bowl which I think really does help.

~ Aimee Phelan

Day care for Max and Smudge

Thanks so much for looking after Max & Smudge whilst we were away for the day – especially Smudge (being blind & deaf) – but he can smell – especially food. Thanks!

~ Peter

Lucy was so at ease with my little puppy

Lucy was so at ease with my little puppy and he absolutely loved her. The 121 is extremely good, and helped me understand my own puppy that little bit more. We are already reaping the benefits in the week after her coming over. And if we ever need our puppy looking after we know who we’ll be calling, to ensure he’s in safe hands. Thanks Lucy.

~ Jenny Swales

Came back to a happy dog!

We are so glad to have found Lucy and Paws for Success. Over the past two weeks our border collie, Dexter, has enjoyed playing with Lucy at Doggy Day care and lovely walks whilst we have enjoyed days out to places which Dexter would have found BORING! Lucy kept us updated with news and photos of what Dexter was getting up to throughout the day and we came back to a happy dog. Thanks Lucy!

~ Karen Blott

South Downs Show

A very belated thank you for your sterling and very professional effort at the Southdowns Show. Comments from the public were very positive and from what I could see not only the public but you seemed to be having fun. Probably ran a marathon over the weekend!! Well done.

~ Roger Scutt

Can't thank you enough for coming over to see us!

Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know that I have a different dog entirely than the one you met a few weeks ago. She has now been off lead for the last week or so, at first in the company of a friend’s two very well trained dogs and since Saturday, on her own.  She has returned each time she is called so far (touch wood!) and is no longer on the defensive when meeting other dogs, she even has a few doggy friends we meet regularly on our walks and is enjoying her play with them.  I can’t thank you enough for coming over to see us and giving me the confidence I needed to help Bella develop her full potential although it is still an ongoing process.

~ Marie Cassidy

We feel so much better since Lucy came!

We feel so much better since Lucy came! Not only has our pup calmed down and is learning how to be patient but we feel like we understand him so much better now. So glad we took that step and got some help! Much happier pup and much happier Jo and Dave! Thank you lucy!

~ Jo and Dave Sargeant

Izzie the loony Lurcher!

Thank you Lucy for coming and teaching my mum how to be a good trainer. Saves me having to do it, although I think I did a good job at wrapping her round my rather sharp claws whenever I wanted any attention at all (which was ALL the time). It’s going to teach me how to be a calm and pleasant pooch to be around and now maybe people can actually sit down without me mugging them them for treats and attention and the furniture will not take such a bashing

~ Allison

Made a comprehensible assessment

We had a very good session with Lucy from Paws for Success, she very quickly understood the whole situation, made a comprehensible assessment and provided us with tools for managing and improving within our specific set of challenges. We also appreciated receiving a follow-up email in writing complemented by relevant cartoons/illustrations directly after the session.

~ Nina Borke

Not taking a punitive or 'expert' position

Thank you so much for time and support on Monday.  E-mailing  a summary of our session, with bullet points and downloaded tips and strategies is SUPER! What wonderful support! I can’t tell you the change in a couple of days…amazing 🙂 I have religiously followed your points, ensuring that we are consistent and aware of why we are doing what we are doing. He has relaxed so much, and so have I. I feel optimistic rather than totally anxious, and realistic rather than pessimistic or naively confident. I swear that Bruce is cheerful, relaxed,attentive (most of the time! 😉 )and eager to work, learn and please.  You have helped me enormously, by being very understanding and respectful, and not taking a punitive or ‘expert’ position. You have shared helpful and appropriate information, that is understandable and accessible to a pet owner who is  not a qualified  dog behaviorist!

~ Lorraine Pardy

Both a verbal and practical session which left me feeling more confident

A big THANK YOU to Lucy who paid us a visit on Friday and very quickly identified the problems we had with our rescue dog Disney and more importantly, offered solutions as to how to turn Disney into a manageable family pet. This was both a verbal and practical session which left me feeling more confident as to how to resolve the problems we have. Now it’s time to put it all into practice!! Watch this space!

~ Ian Lack

In good hands

Thank you Lucy for walking Cynder at such short notice and allowing us to enjoy our holiday without any worries knowing she was in good hands.

~ Julie Farebrother

So so pleased i found lucy on facebook!

So so pleased i found lucy on facebook! My Bella a very strong weimaraner at 1 years old was only getting stronger and lead walking was becoming more painful and not such a chilled stroll like i see other dogs walking… Was more of me being dragged to the woods… So i can let her off her lead. Lucy is very approachable, easy to talk to and explains all really well. Was very impressed all information and tips she gave me. Went out on a walk and she could see what was wrong straight away.. Was fab. By the end of the walk bella was walking lovely… Chilled an relaxed by my side. 🙂 . Bella does try push her luck with me at the start if the walk… But she is starting to get it and so am i. Thank you so much lucy.

~ Michelle Haskell

Lucy obviously spoiled them with lots of love and walks

Lucy looked after my house and menagerie for a week! I think they were disappointed when I came back because Lucy obviously spoiled them with lots of love and walks! My house is better than when I left it! 🙂 very reliable and trustworthy highly recommend her services.

~ Louise Marsh

House is always cleaner & tidier than I left it!

Lucy has looked after our animals and house for the last couple of holidays – the animals love her and are well looked after, and the house is always cleaner & tidier than I left it!

~ Clare Holland

Thank you for looking after my babes changing needs!

Lucy has been doing a great job over the last weeks, looking after my Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy “Kintsa” and adult Doxie x Spaniel “Dippy”. They are far more settled and happy with their lunch break routines. Thank you for looking after my babes changing needs!

~ Emma Lovejoy

Lucy arrived and Max took to her immediately.

I asked Lucy to come out and offer some advice for myself and my 6 ½ month old Great Dane, Max?  I didn’t have any specific problems with Max, but with him being a giant breed I am very aware that we need his behaviour to be 100% whilst he’s still young. The only thing niggling me was that I didn’t think that he was paying quite enough attention to me whilst we were out walking.   Lucy arrived and Max took to her immediately. J  We went off for our regular walk and immediately Lucy recommended a different way of walking with Max and indeed a different head collar and lead system.. Lucy had a spare head collar and lead in her car and we tried it out on Max. Instantly he was a different dog.  He wasn’t horrific before, but he is amazing now!

~ Andree Cook

Would definitely recommend and use again.

Lucy came to our house and talked to us both about how to train our 12 week old puppy. We had been having some difficulties and wanted advice. Which we got. It was really useful to talk through a number of things and see Lucy at work with our puppy. Would definitely recommend and use again.

~ Ally and Ben Fielding

I trust her advice implicitly

Having known Lucy for many years it was not a difficult decision to call her  when my 7 month old Malinois (Sienna) started presenting with fear aggression. She has certainly helped us to identify her triggers and given us some excellent advice on keeping her under control when strangers visit us. I trust her advice implicitly and the remarkable impact she had, within an extremely short time on Sienna’s behavior has made me feel confident that we have a way forward. I would highly recommend Lucy.

~ Jo Wilde

I am confident that if we put in the work we will definitely see positive results.

Lucy visited us yesterday because my 15 month old Cocker Westie is an excessive barker and a lead puller and I wasn’t doing very well trying to train him to be otherwise. Lucy was fantastic and helped me to understand why Benji behaved the way he did and what I could do to change his behaviour.  She talked me through and showed me some methods, and I was very pleasantly surprised as Benji responded immediately!  Lucy certainly gave me hope and a plan, along with some great guidance notes, and I am confident that if we put in the work we will definitely see positive results.  I look forward to seeing Lucy again and showing her the progress we’ve made.

~ Joy Gale

Lucy has been fantastic with my very naughty beagles.

Lucy has been fantastic with my very naughty beagles. She has house sat and also done regular walks. My dogs love her! Thank you for all your help

~ Angela Stevenson

Lucy was amazing

We was desperate for help for someone to come and look at our situation with our dogs. We had been let down in the past by dog trainers being ill or too busy to come and have a look but in the situation Lucy was amazing and came and looked ASAP. My dogs have had a few fights over Christmas between each other now one is scared of the other  and they won?t even be in the same room together anymore. we want them to be back in the same room together. She assessed the situation and went through some bits and pieces with us about how to resolve the problem and said that it will take a long time but it is not the worst she has seen which was really reassuring. We will be planning a follow up with her over the next couple of months to work on our next steps.

~ Sheree Cooper

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

I first came to know Lucy through the agility classes that she organises every week. These are brilliantly organised and my dog Foxy absolutely goes potty for them! I have since asked Lucy to come in and provide cover (at an antisocial 6am start!) for Foxy who had recently had a litter of 8 puppies and who was pretty poorly herself. I needed someone I could trust – who had a sensible head on her shoulders who would be OK looking after tiny pups and a sick doggy mummy and Lucy did brilliantly – managing multiple meals etc. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

~ Freya Cullington

Thanks for your help early on I am sure that's contributed to her learning!

An update on Winnie, she’s doing really really well. She’s still got a thing for the kids clothes at times but that’s getting better. We have taken her to the beach, around Alice Holt, and to charity events and is very reliable even at 16 weeks! Thanks for your help early on I am sure that’s contributed to her learning!

~ Sarah Marshall

Lucy was great!

Lucy looked after my dogs for a couple of days and was great 🙂 I was really worried as they’ve never stayed with anyone other than close family but Lucy kept me updated with how the dogs were doing and I felt that they were in good hands 🙂 We would definitely book her again when going on another holiday. Thank you so much Lucy.

~ Alice Walford

Thank you again for you help.

Thank you so much for coming to see us and for all the info. Walks have been so much better as I feel more comfortable and in control although we have yet to come across another dog, it certainly helps just knowing how to handle the situation so thank you for that. Rolo has his crate back and isn’t phased by being shut in so the real test will be Wednesday when my asda delivery comes he will no doubt cry the house down ? but I know it will be worth it in the long run. Thank you again for you help.

~ Sarah Alexander

Felt trusting of her immediately

My puppy and I really enjoyed our first session with Lucy Today! Everything she said makes complete sense and we both felt trusting of her immediately! I can’t wait for another session!

~ Victoria Hanks

More than happy to use again!

We have worked with Lucy since February 2014  including periods where Lucy has looked after our dog Smooth Fox Terrier , Abby , at our house , including overnight , for several days .  We are more than happy to ask Lucy to do so again.

~ Clive and Rachel Moulson

Definitely be using again!

We were delighted with the way you looked after our dog and cat while we were on holiday last month. They were totally relaxed when we got home. We will definitely be asking you to look after them again in the future.

~ Marion Macdonald

We love Lucy.

We love Lucy. We have a cheeky chocolate lab. as first time dog owners, we were a bit stressed when we started 121’s with Lucy. We are now feeling really happy as we see the changes in Ellie’s behaviour and know how to handle her better. Also very happy leaving her with Lucy as don’t have to worry about Ellie at all so can relax completely (knowing Ellie isnt missing us at all!)

~ Yolanda Earl

Wish I had found you sooner!

Your expert tuition with us all two weeks ago is having a very good effect, there is far less barking going on when anyone comes to the door and hush comes sooner. After the initial noise, which is after all just doing their job, they will now sit on the hall mat and wait for the treats (the dogs that is, no-one is rewarding us!) We are trying pretty hard to be consistent and do as much de-sensitising as possible. Teilo and Carys are getting used to the new regime and certainly Teilo is far less likely to get into the obsessive barking response now. I think he is happy to have less to worry about! Your follow up notes were so helpful and we are looking forward to seeing you again soon. As a reward for good behaviour we are all off to Suffolk for a week of walking and running on the beach, we will be in touch when we return. I would recommend your skilful and professional expertise to anyone, only wish I had found you sooner!

~ Christine Williams

Pleasure to be learning with him under Lucy's expert guidance.

Lucy came to assess Frank and the problem he has when meeting other dogs on walks. She gave me some very useful tips, and two weeks on Frank is behaving a lot better. We also joined the agility classes run by Lucy and these are amazing. Frank really enjoys the exercises and it is a pleasure to be learning with him under Lucy’s expert guidance.

~ Di Todd

I would recommend Lucy to anyone looking for a dependable dog walker.

Lucy has now walked our two golden retrievers over the past several weeks and the dogs are perfectly happy with her. Lucy is punctual, as flexible as she can be, other commitments permitting, and provides feedback after each walk. I would recommend Lucy to anyone looking for a dependable dog walker.

~ Paul Luker

Highly recommended!

The few sessions we’ve had so far with Lucy have been amazing. We’ve been able to put some of the frightening messages from our text books into context, learn how to handle ourselves and understand the chaotic world of our little Branston so much better. With Lucy’s advice and guidance, we are on our way to having the best little dog we could imagine. She is a natural at handling dogs and you can see how much she loves them too. Highly recommended!

~ Dawn Rich-Sharp

Tilly is responding well.

We’ve had 2 sessions with Lucy to try and get our 7 month old golden doodle to stop jumping up at people and be better on recall off the lead. Lucy has given us some good lessons to practice and Tilly is responding well.

~ Anne Roberts

Made real progress

We’ve now had one full day of implementing the techniques and strategies you recommended for Meg during our 121 on Tuesday. With your help and advice we seem to have made real progress with the lead walking, not quite a smiley lead but definitely a grinning one. I am amazed to see such great results so quickly. We really look forward to future 121’s to help sort out ‘Gorgeous’ Meg’s other issues.

~ Linda Clay

Lucy works hard and always with a smile.

We have just had our first session with Lucy and are delighted that she is clear, focussed and has given us good guidance with lead work and recall with our 5 month old labrador/retriever cross. Lucy works hard and always with a smile.

~ Alan and Sue

Very impressed with Lucy's knowledge and confidence!

After just one visit we were very impressed with Lucy’s knowledge and confidence in dealing with our puppy, Oscar. She is very easy to talk to and is full of good advice and handy tips. She identified a number of key areas for improvement, showed us practical ways to address them and left us feeling optimistic about Oscar’s progress, which is exactly what we were looking for. We will certainly be booking more sessions and I’d recommend her services for anyone looking for help in keeping a puppy on the straight and narrow.

~ Louise and John Braybrook

Tailored lessons

We have just had our first 1-2-1 session with Lucy to help us with our 18 month old Catalan Sheepdog Maple. We have worked on recall and lead training. Lucy went through the steps slowly and positively so we can practice over the next few weeks. Lucy appreciates the breed of dog that we have and has tailored the lessons to suit Maple. Thank you!

~ Wendy Ashing

Thanks Lucy, you're a star.

I was recommended to Lucy via a colleague, as I had to make the tough decision to return to a job that meant leaving my beloved Luna during the day for a few days a week. As a rescue ex-racing greyhound, she’s a sensitive little soul and Lucy has been my saviour. As soon as Luna met her it was clear she was very happy and trusting of Lucy, which doesn’t come easy to Luna, but I felt instantly sure that Lucy would take good care of her. I was absolutely right, as my days at work are now relaxed knowing that Luna is being thoroughly spoilt by her Auntie Lucy whilst I’m not there! Thanks Lucy, you’re a star.

~ Clair Slingo

Resolved with just one 121 meeting!

Lucy came out to see us two weeks ago and already we can see the difference with our husky Kuma. We have had the problem for over a year and this has been resolved with just one 121 meeting thanks so much!

~ Michaela Cole

Lucy's love for dogs shone through

I got in touch with Lucy after seeing her website while searching for a local dog trainer. My partner and I had been having a few issues with our cocker spaniel Sophie which we wanted to sort out (excessive barking, jumping up on visitors, pulling on the lead). Lucy kept in touch via email and text prior to our first session and turned up exactly on time. Lucy’s love for dogs shone through and she explained everything to us clearly and listened carefully to our responses. We went outside and did some practical lessons and she never made me feel silly or like I was a bad owner. My partner and I were both impressed and have high hopes that our issues will be resolved. It’s early days yet, but Sophie is making good progress, especially with the pulling. Lucy didn’t clock watch during our session and made it clear she was always available for follow up advice via email/text/phone if it was needed. I look forward to our next session!

~ Nigel Parker

Would recommend her 100%!

Thank you very much for your help and advice! We are first time dog owners and Lucy really helped to reassure us and point us in the right direction! Trixe absolutely loved Lucy and vice versa! Would recommend her 100%!

~ Naomi H

Fingers crossed for a happier and less stressed dog... and owners.

We’ve just had a 121 with Lucy and our 14 month old rescue dog. The advice and training tips she gave us was useful, and we are now implementing them. Fingers crossed for a happier and less stressed dog… and owners.

~ Lisa Cook

Very helpful with our situation!

Thank you for your visit, We found you were very helpful with our situation. Since your visit we have felt less stressed and now know we were not doing wrong, but you pointing out certain things to correct the way we were doing things really helped.

~ Paula Galliers

121 training with Harley

Had a brilliant 1-2-1 session with our rescue dog Harley yesterday. Lucy gave us strategies, direction and confidence. Look forward to working with paws for success with Harley’s future training.

~ Kat Tanner

121 rescue dogs

Simply fantastic. We booked a 121 training session with Lucy with our two rescue boys. It was obvious she has a wealth of knowledg about dogs and showed us some great training techniques for recall and pulling on the lead. We are putting these into practice now and will be booking another session in a couple of weeks time to see if we have improved. Would definitely highly recommend.

~ Charlie and Siobhan Mulligan-Lang

121 with Milo

We booked a 1-2-1 with Lucy to gain some help with our Border Terriers door barking and jumping at visitors. It was a very productions sessions and we have been seeing successes already with the techniques she taught us.

~ Ellie and Mark Kelly

Puppy Visits

Thanks so much for visiting!  It was our first day out since we had Boomer (not all because of Boomer but that’s another story!)  But we commented during the day that we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it if we hadn’t known you were visiting! So a success all round for us as a family! Thanks too for the pictures! A black puppy is tricky to take pics of – great! He is looking like he is having a great time!

Also, for 121 sessions, It’s a long time since we last had a dog as children and we were getting a bit overwhelmed by different approaches and advice – none of which seemed to be making any difference in training our puppy! So pleased to have had Lucy’s help! It feels as though we are on the right track with our puppy training at last!

~ Cath West

First Aid Attendee

Thank you Lucy for organising and taking the canine first aid course dated 7th May , I found it very informative, professional and very friendly, As you are aware I walk dogs for a living and feel it?s very important to keep up on the necessary skills of first aid with dogs in my care, so thanks again Lucy for your support.

~ Jackie

A wonderful experience!

A wonderful experience, our first puppy and we all needed some proper training to get the best from this new adventure, Lucy gave us the very best help and attention to provide our new little boy with the help we really needed, thank you for your super care and attention. Paws for real success!

~ George and Mary Steele

Puppy Training

Lucy was great when meeting our new pup Murphy. We are new puppy parents and needed some guidance in bringing up Murphy and also to reassure us that we were doing the right things for him and he was completely normal! we loved all the tips and advice and we will be booking Lucy to come and help us with extra training when Murphy is a bit older and can go out in the big wide world! thank you again!!

~ Kim, Tom and Murphy!

Carol B - 121 Training

Thank you Lucy for advice with a rather naughty German Shepherd. I was amazed at how quickly you sized up the situation and had him literally eating out of you hand. You gave a lot of sensible help and tips. There is still a long way to go and I look forward to our next 1-2-1

~ Carol B

Claire Gough - 121 Training

Lucy came last week to give me some much needed help with my Welsh Springer pup. We spent an hour working on walking on the lead and believe me it felt like 5 minutes. Lucy was helpful, informative and, most importantly, loved my puppy! Thank you Lucy I think we will be contacting you again in the future – you really helped.

~ Claire Gough

Winnie Tang - Dog Walking

Lucy visited us and demonstrated an excellent level of knowledge immediately. She has a thorough understanding of dogs and their behaviours and was able to share this expertise with us in a friendly and professional manner. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to friends and family to gain a better understanding of their four legged friends.

~ Winnie Tang