Kizzy is intrigued by the sight and noises of other animals on the TV.  My living room television has now had to be positioned fairly high up, out of her reach after she began to hurl herself at the screen when animals came into sight.

Initially, it was sweet – she would watch the animals and prick up her ears to listen to them, but it soon progressed to barking at the TV, launching at the screen and putting her hackles up every time anything looked like an animal.

Like any dog owner in the world, my initial response was to tell her off, which was fairly effective at stopping the behavior in the moment – but made no difference whatsoever to her inclination to do the behaviour again in the future. Just shows that all of us are human first and trainers second!

Kizzy is now hyper alert to the sounds of a dog on TV – barking or whining, but also Collar tags jingling. Oddly, the sound of crickets in particular really confuses her!

So, my training plan is to change the behaviour using tasty treats. Each time her ears prick up, before she goes into launching at the screen, I will offer her food instead if she comes to me. With a high enough level of reward for motivation we can hopefully change this behaviour to something more desirable.

A good training programme rewarding for desired behaviours is much more effective in the long run than shouting at them for an undesired behaviour! Stop complaining, begin training!