What would your dog do… if you were injured during a walk? 

Have you ever tested what your dog would do if you collapsed during a walk? Would they stay by your side? Or would they go for help? Or possibly they would just get bored and make their own entertainment?

We decided to test it on Kizzy when we picked her up from kennels earlier. We took her out for a quick walk to burn off some energy and stretch her legs and midway through the walk, Pete pretended to collapse on the floor.

Initially, Kizzy ran to him, but then promptly decided he was boring and came running to me. I then told her to go and find him, so she ran back to him and stood by his side, just watching to see what my reaction was.

Pete remained still and Kizzy then decided enough was enough, and ran off to make her own mischief.

Obviously, she isn’t going to make a great Lassie rescue dog. But it got me thinking, what would your dog do?

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